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A Word from Maxine

“I’ve still got it, but nobody wants to see it” – Maxine

Clothes are like Boyfriends

In sartorial terms, you don’t need any more one night stands! Go for keepers! Yours in Finding Fashion that is Loyal and True! Jeanette x

Stupidity in the Fashion Industry

And here is what Maxine has to say:

Best Beauty Quote

“She was never a very rich woman, she was never a very beautiful woman and yet she created beauty and she created wealth,” an observer notes of Diana Vreeland, the legendary Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue editor whose story is told in new feature documentary Diana Vreeland: the Eye Has to Travel.

Fashion at Warp Speed

Fletcher Jones is an iconic Australian brand. “Born into a Methodist family in Bendigo in 1895, David Fletcher Jones had a severe stutter and left school at 12. He had an impoverished upbringing and was deeply moved when people left plucked chickens at his family’s doorstep. “After returning from World War I in 1918, deemed […]