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Is This You??

Let me introduce you to Tina Typical Tina is very busy. She has 1.9 or 2 children to look after, a home to manage, and a boss to please. In her spare time she sorts the family’s social calendar; arranges birthdays, Christmas and other events; attends her kids’ games; takes the dog to the vet; […]

Your Best Fabrics 2

If you are petite Select fabrics which have minimum texture, such as fine knits, pin-whale cord and lightweight wools as these won’t swamp you. Light cottons, challis, muslin, chiffons, silk georgette, and taffetas are good too, although you have to think about your body line as well. For example, chiffons are very fluid, whilst taffetas are […]

Your Best Fabrics 1

If you are like me, you can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. And with the frenzy of the upcoming season (no, I will not even mention the C…mas word, much as I stuff my fingers in my ears in the stores where they are already playing C…mas tunes) you may appreciate some handy […]


Animal print is a look where you not only need the right physical attributes for it, but also those of the personality and temperament to carry it off. Here are some tips to see if it is for you: Have you previously bought animal print, just to leave it hanging in your wardrobe? That is […]

Can You Wear MILITARY?

Unless you have had your CLOTHING PERSONALITY defined, you will probably be in a quandary about adopting a military look – a style that comes and goes every few years. To help you decide, here are a few tips: If, like me, you are little with a curvy body and round facial features any over-the-top […]