Archive: June, 2013

Buzz Off Bozo!

REMEMBER in high school how there were those dweebs who were besotted with you and they kept trying to get your attention in all the wrong ways? “GO AWAY!” you wanted to shout. “CAN’T YOU SEE YOU’RE NOT MY TYPE? STOP BOTHERING ME!” And if they were particularly insistent, sometimes you had to get brutal. […]

Practicing Safe Sox

My friend Brenda Kinsel says you should only buy what you love. She says “Even if you are just buying socks, buy GREAT socks!” Amen to that! So much that is in our wardrobes was bought in the spirit of “That’ll do”. Before you know it you end up with a whole wardrobe of “That’ll […]

Rules Schmules!

It’s always interesting as an image consultant to watch other shoppers. I was perusing my local centre, keeping an eye out for some yummy seasonal picks for clients, and a couple of ladies caught my eye. Were they wearing something odd or ill-fitting? No Perhaps it was their shoes or an eye-catching handbag? No again. […]