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Summer Wedding Outfits!

Kindly Used with Permission – written by Image Consultant extraordinaire Joanne McEwen of We all love to go to a wedding but often there is so many different kinds of dress codes that what we should be wearing which can become quite confusing! ¬†One type of wedding which is popular here in Australia is […]

How Can I Get a New Look?

Alison writes: “Hi Jeanette Just looking at my Spring to Summer wardrobe and feeling that it is all starting to look the same. I wear capris and an overblouse, long shirt or polo shirt; and flats. With the weather getting hotter, I don’t really want to add layers for interest; my lifestyle with two kids […]

Oh Gwynneth!

No doubt you have seen the trend on the red carpet for long but barely there dresses. Here is a famous one from Gwynneth Paltrow:   I’m not sure what statement this is meant to make. “I’m terrifically toned” (well, she certainly is) OR “After buying this dress, I can’t afford underwear”. You decide.   […]

Don’t Let YOUR Man Wear This!

I think the front row fashionistas are actually applauding this look – scary   This poor young man has probably changed his mind about wanting to be a model after all. Here’s the thought bubble: “Glad I’m not on a cat walk – I could fall off wearing this thing.” On the other hand, he’d […]

New Trend- Oversized

Well, it’s back! Here is the Kardashian take on the new trend in oversized clothing:   Yeah, I hate it too.   Isn’t it nice that celebrities with lots of money can make mistakes like this so we never need to?!   Toodles!   -Jeanette

Top Marks for Silly

Would you like to see a new fashion in shoes called “Reversed High Heels”? Here is a pic:   Don’t think I will try running for the bus in these!   Till next time Toodles!   – Jeanette

This Is Fashion?

So often I see garments that are not designed to be particularly flattering on any body. Here is one I found this week: This shift is leather. It has no shape and is alarmingly short. If you did some styling with accessories I guess it could work on some level – but methinks it would […]