Archive: March, 2014

Blokes Get It Easy

Here’s a post for the man/men in your life! Years ago men would put as much effort into their grooming and attire as women did. Now before you start snorting with derision let me clarify – I’m talking about 300 years ago! Take a look at this picture: Now just how long it took this […]

Calling All Cows!

People often ask me : “what is in fashion right now?” The simple answer is “whatever is in the stores”! Right now you would have had to have been under a rock to miss one of the major looks of the winter fashion season: leather Which, to my mind, looks best on cows. But I […]

Would YOU Wear this?

As a professional style watcher I am always amused at claims of the next “big trend”! We were told just a few short months ago, that VOLUMINOUS was in. Big jackets, big shirts, big dresses. BUT consumers are not so silly these days, and refuse to buy the styles that should just stay on the […]

Death to Low-Rise!

In a fashion poll of 1,016 random Americans commissioned by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair, as much as 64 percent of respondents picked low-rise jeans as the fashion they would most like to see die. Huzzah! Common sense reigns at last. Of course you may ask, especially if you are young-ish and low rise are […]

What I’m Really Thinking

Recently I met a lovely lady who received a Speedstyling gift voucher for her 60th birthday. Except now she was 61. After a year of procrastinating, she finally called me and explained the voucher was past its expiry date.    “Ah, yes” I responded, “all part of my cunning plan!” You see, so many people […]

Worst Show on TV

Perhaps you think there would be a lot of competition for the  worst show on television – yes, I will grant you that one. But the one show that gets my teeth on edge is… …Fashion Police. When I first heard of “fashion police” I thought it was something like this: But no – it […]