About Me

028_MG_4361ab    People who are stylish are free! – Marc Jacobs

I love fashion, but I love people more!

My journey into creating authentic style – for myself and others – is a continuing challenge. But I am doing what I love. Image consultant, personal shopper, stylist and decorator – it has all come together in working with people just like YOU who occasionally want a nudge in the right direction.

Fashion never was meant to frustrate and demoralise us. Like any work of art or beauty, style is meant to make life more fun and more exciting – stimulating us to reach new heights and experience the world in new ways. Everyone is significant and of value; everyone has the right to feel great about themselves.

We all have to spend time and money on clothes – they might as well be ones that make us feel fabulous! Don’t live your life small because you are afraid you don’t measure up. I hope my blog Real Women – Unforgettable Style speaks to where you are, and makes you smile. If you are ever in the Newcastle NSW Australia area, look me up. With a tribe of males surrounding me (1 husband, 2 sons, 3 step-sons, 2 dogs), I am happy for virtual or real-time female company. Thanks for reading! – Jeanette