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Colour of the Year

Peak body for all things colour, Pantone has announced the 2015 colour of the year and it is – well – an unusual choice! MARSALA is the name of this reddish-brown hue, and you will be seeing it in stores and on home-wares, advertising and possibly cars as well. To me, it is a wintry […]

Blokes Get It Easy

Here’s a post for the man/men in your life! Years ago men would put as much effort into their grooming and attire as women did. Now before you start snorting with derision let me clarify – I’m talking about 300 years ago! Take a look at this picture: Now just how long it took this […]

Calling All Cows!

People often ask me : “what is in fashion right now?” The simple answer is “whatever is in the stores”! Right now you would have had to have been under a rock to miss one of the major looks of the winter fashion season: leather Which, to my mind, looks best on cows. But I […]

Summer Wedding Outfits!

Kindly Used with Permission – written by Image Consultant extraordinaire Joanne McEwen of We all love to go to a wedding but often there is so many different kinds of dress codes that what we should be wearing which can become quite confusing!  One type of wedding which is popular here in Australia is […]

How Can I Get a New Look?

Alison writes: “Hi Jeanette Just looking at my Spring to Summer wardrobe and feeling that it is all starting to look the same. I wear capris and an overblouse, long shirt or polo shirt; and flats. With the weather getting hotter, I don’t really want to add layers for interest; my lifestyle with two kids […]

Styling Trick.

Well, here is an example of how to adapt an item so it works for you. This sequinned top was fine – but more a tunic length. Kinda awkward to put into an outfit, unless you just teamed leggings with it. Not being a leggins kind of girl – and the fact that the top […]

Don’t Shoot the Saleswoman!

Don’t Shoot The Saleswoman! Fashion retail is doing it tough – real tough! As consumers, we’ve got used to the rolling sales – it’s getting harder to pay full price isn’t it?   I hear negative comments frequently about sales staff – that they are pushy; that they tell you you look a-m-a-z-ing in something […]

Making Clothes Fit

For most of us there is no such thing as ‘off the rack’! But if you have a good eye and even basic sewing skills  you can make a so-so item work for you. Example: Here is a T-shirt I bought last week. The colour is good; and I wanted a top to go with […]

Buzz Off Bozo!

REMEMBER in high school how there were those dweebs who were besotted with you and they kept trying to get your attention in all the wrong ways? “GO AWAY!” you wanted to shout. “CAN’T YOU SEE YOU’RE NOT MY TYPE? STOP BOTHERING ME!” And if they were particularly insistent, sometimes you had to get brutal. […]

Practicing Safe Sox

My friend Brenda Kinsel says you should only buy what you love. She says “Even if you are just buying socks, buy GREAT socks!” Amen to that! So much that is in our wardrobes was bought in the spirit of “That’ll do”. Before you know it you end up with a whole wardrobe of “That’ll […]