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What I’m Really Thinking

Recently I met a lovely lady who received a Speedstyling gift voucher for her 60th birthday. Except now she was 61. After a year of procrastinating, she finally called me and explained the voucher was past its expiry date.    “Ah, yes” I responded, “all part of my cunning plan!” You see, so many people […]

The Christmas Gift

Back in 1988 I had just moved to a new area, far away from everyone I knew and was starting afresh. My husband had deserted me and our two small boys and it was time to make a change to a place where I could be free to start over. It was a monumental task […]

Women! Get What You Pay For

Haven’t we all put up with substandard goods or services simply because we didn’t want to make a fuss? Here is one woman who took a stand and won! Tracey Fox is a British woman who made headlines for locking a tradesman in her house. “After surviving without her washing machine for three weeks and […]

Hello world!

I bet every butterfly that ever was is just gob-smacked when they finally emerge from their cocoon. Just like so many women who say to me “I didn’t know I could look so good!” It’s my privilege to work with women just like you, in styling; shopping; colour typing; wardrobe planning and the like. I […]