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Summer Wedding Outfits!

Kindly Used with Permission – written by Image Consultant extraordinaire Joanne McEwen of We all love to go to a wedding but often there is so many different kinds of dress codes that what we should be wearing which can become quite confusing! ¬†One type of wedding which is popular here in Australia is […]

How Can I Get a New Look?

Alison writes: “Hi Jeanette Just looking at my Spring to Summer wardrobe and feeling that it is all starting to look the same. I wear capris and an overblouse, long shirt or polo shirt; and flats. With the weather getting hotter, I don’t really want to add layers for interest; my lifestyle with two kids […]

A reader asks…

Amy writes: “My BFF Sharon and I disagree on one thing. I maintain that most fashion in the stores should suit most women; while she thinks that each of us has only a small choice of things that really suit. What do you think?’ Jeanette: Amy, I am more inclined to Sharon’s point of view […]