Why I Do What I Do

How did I get here?

Well, if there is one conviction that makes me shout and pound the table it is this:


Just as you are. Despite whatever life has thrown at you, you ARE worthwhile. Whatever age, size or shape!  Maybe it’s time to redefine beauty on your own terms. My mission? I want to give every woman who needs it a chance to shine.

Really it is not about the clothes – it’s all about you. For most women, it IS important how they present and how they feel about themselves. For these, I want to do my utmost to free you from unrealistic expectations; all the shoulds; all the musts; all the you-don’t-measure-ups. All the beauty on this planet was put there for us too – not just the “beautiful” people’. Waterfalls, butterflies, polar bears, puppy kisses. We are rich and living like paupers. We are surrounded by music, art, poetry, love, and kindness. We are truly human; part divine. All eternal. You are worthy because you ARE – you are here, you are now; living and breathing and – like everything else in the universe –  you have a right to be here. You owe it to others – you owe it to yourself – to add your loveliness; your compassion; your sense of humour; your strength; your inner FIRE – to the world. If you are out of touch with the beauty you have to offer, then let us discover it together. When you ARE in touch with your own beauty – and freely express it – then you give others permission to do the same. Join me! This mission may take some time and work – but it IS do-able.

Revealing beauty – one woman at a time. THAT is my goal, and the joy it brings is the reason why I do what I do.